Botulinum toxin type A, is a purified neurotoxin (nerve toxin) derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It works by paralysing the nerve supply to muscles, thereby restricting their movement. 

It has many advantages in the medical field including:

1. Curing migraines.

It’s been shown that migraines can be treated by wrinkle reducing injections. In fact, the NHS is looking to use wrinkle reducing injections for the very same reason. Botox is muscle paralysing and aids in nerve blocking. There are various reasons why Botulinum toxin type A is a solution to migraines. Botulinum toxin type A is a muscle relaxant, which means that it can reduce blood pressure within the brain. Botulinum toxin type A also reduces the ability of nerves to send signals (mainly pain signals) to the brain.

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2. Curing depression.

In a controlled study, participants in the treatment group were given five injections of Botulinum toxin type A in areas just above the eyebrows, whereas the other group were given a placebo. Symptoms of depression in the treated group decreased by 47%, while the placebo treated group had only a 9% reduction.

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3. Preventing wrinkles before the appear.

Traditionally, it’s always been something for people in their middle ages to “iron out” a few wrinkles, however, a leading expert has suggestion that using it as a preventative method is always acceptable.

In a 2006 study involving identical twin sisters, one used Botox regularly for 13 years and the other who didn’t. “The study shows pictures of them 10 to 15 years later and one has a smooth and attractive forehead and the other has the expression lines you’d expect with someone with normal aging,” according to Dr. Arndt, who released a study in the JAMA Dermatology site, stating that it is “rarely too early” to start the “conservative and thoughtful use of neuromodulators [i.e., Botox], fillers….”

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4. Stops you sweating!

If you have hyperhidrosis, commonly known as excessive sweat, then Botulinum toxin type A is also solution. Hyperhidrosis is usually treated with anti-perspirants, but Botulinum toxin type A can eleviate the issue for a number of months. Botulinum toxin type A temporarily blocks the chemical signals from the sweat gland nerves. The severe sweating stops when the glands don’t receive the signlas.

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5. Helps in reducing wrinkles.

Botox actually relaxes the muscles, which means smoother skin and less wrinkles, but only when prescribed by a Registered Prescriber. However, the majority of people are quite happy with the way they look and these treatments sometimes mask other issues in self confidence, etc.

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6. Pain relief for arthritis?

Some studies show that Botulinum toxin type A can help in hip, knee and shoulder pain. It essentially blocks the pain signals going to your brain, although it won’t cure the actual problem, only alleviate the pain (which is good enough for some people!).

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7. Incontinence control.

It may sound a little gruesome, but if you inject Botox into a bladder which has problems with incontinence, then it increases the size of the bladder and subsequently reducing incontinence. Once treatment is administered, then independent studies show that the effect can last up to several months.

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8. Easy and quick.

Unlike cosmetic surgery, administering Botulinum toxin type A is simpler. There are rarely any side effects and it is also temporary. The effects last for around 6 months. It is important (and the rules) that you see a qualified prescriber beforehand and the Botox is administered by a qualified Nurse or similar medical professional.

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9. Temporary effects.

I love this one. The effect of Botulinum toxin type A usually lasts up to 6 months. So if you don’t like it, you can welcome those wrinkles back. If you like it, spend a couple of hundred dollars, get another job done and reclaim your youth. This functionality of Botox is too good to ignore for all you skeptics out there. I was one too, ages back until I thought “Oh what the heck, I’ll try it if it’s just for 6 months” Most of my work colleagues picked up Botox because they knew that they could stop anytime they wanted. No strings attached – I wish everything in life was this simple!

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10. Affordable.

The cost varies from company to company, but you must remember that these treatments aren’t off the shelf treatments and detailed medical history is usually required before any such treatments.