Now Cosmetic is a service offering wrinkle reducing treatments by Pauline Sangha, a Fully Qualified Aesthetic Beauty Practitioner and Registered General Nurse, with over 10 years experience and Sarah Forrest, a Fully Qualified Aesthetic Beauty Practitioner and Registered Nurse Prescriber.

They also have complete experience on the actual medical uses for such treatments and are fully trained in dermatology, so unlike standard beauticians, have a full medical knowledge of how the human body reacts to invasive and non-invasive treatments.

Pauline is also qualified in Tissue Viability, which is about the maintenance of skin integrity. Also the management of patients with acute and chronic wounds, prevention and management of pressure damage.

Now Cosmetic is also strict in regards to regulations and always recommend that a face-to-face consultation with our nominated prescriber takes place prior to any treatment. It is not best practice to accept remote consultation, which is not recommended by the guidelines.

Please feel free to ask us for our insurance liability.