Dermal Fillers are a safe and easy way of enhancing your lower face. Dermal fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of the skin.

This example shows how we enhanced lips by using the Belotero range of Dermal Fillers.

The upper lip area

To enhance upper lips, we injected into the upper vermilion border, which is the junction between the red edge of the lips and the face. The best way to describe the vermilion border is that it’s like an inner tube which borders the lips. Dermal fillers provide definition, like lip liner, and also improves the appearance of the creases just above the lip, known as the perioral lines

Two injections were made either side of the top vermilion border. This was where the hyaluronic acid was injected, whilst the needle was withdrawn. This technique is known as linear threading.

The bottom lip

For the bottom, the volume was enhanced by an injection made in the middle of the bottom lip at a 45 degree angle, and then straightened out and withdrawn while the hyaluronic acid was injected.

The lower vermilion border was also injected to add definition to the bottom centre of the lip.

Fuller and more defined lips

For the entire treatment, approximately 0.9ml of  hyaluronic acid was used.

The effects are instant and the customer was delighted. Hyaluronic acid is made by the body naturally, so this is the safest and non-permanent way of enhancing lips.